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Explore, naturally

Our journey started with a simple dream on our island home of Bali - to design and craft products that perfectly blend sustainability and style that the modern adventurer would love. After having seen all that nature beauty can provide and the current devastating impact that our consumer lifestyles have on nature we set out to find a better way.

This gave birth to our first success, Suki Wooden Sunglasses. With playful imagination, we’ve grown to expand on our sustainable ideals with innovative production methods to mould composite materials such as Acetate, Titanium and Steel to diversify our range of eco friendly designer products.
Yet, we didn’t stop there. 

Living in an ever-changing world, inspired by the diversity of ideas and people of our vibrant island. We’ve always looked to go beyond - keeping a keen eye for the latest trends and exploring new possibilities for our offerings.

What started as a simple dream has now grown into 5 stores around Bali from Seminyak to Canggu & Ubud, and soon also Uluwatu.

Our popular ECOEGO Bamboo phone cases have expanded in models and refined in shapes. Keeping to our roots of using natural materials, we’ve expanded by developing Bags, Jewellery and more - all with an affordable price range.

And of course, we’ve kept our doors open to those who share our vision, not forgetting our incredible brand partners who have helped us along the way. 

This dedication has established ECOEGO as one of Bali’s leaders in contemporary sustainable products. A space for you to explore and bring a piece of this island, and our story back home.