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About Eco Ego


About Eco Ego Store

ECOEGO store is a concept boutique located in Seminyak, Bali, focusing on handcrafted bamboo & wooden lifestyle accessories for the eco-conscious.

Born and bred in Bali, we first started with our two in-house brands; Eco Ego, focusing on bamboo iPhone cases and speakers, as well as Suki, which features wooden sunglasses.

Soon, we evolved into a concept boutique and expanded our products into other lifestyle and fashion accessories, as well as working together with creators & designers throughout Bali whilst maintaining our natural roots.

SO… have we piqued your interest yet? check them out now!




W h y  d o  w e  d o  i t ?

We believe in providing truly unique products without discounting durability and sustainability. As it is with everything these days, we find the best results lie in a combination of the old and the new: using the best quality natural materials which have been adjusted to withstand force and all weathers (humidity in our case, really…Bali) and combining it with modern durable materials to create something truly unique.


W h a t  d o  w e  d o ?

We create stylish lifestyle accessories made of various woods & bamboo. We start every product by sourcing sustainably planted wood & bamboo from supervised plantations, to ensure that our designs help minimize our ecological footprint as much as possible.

Having designed and worked with various woods and bamboos, we know what we’re talking about when it comes to working with natural materials efficiently & maintaining durability. Each piece highlights its own natural beauty, and by combining it with modern mechanics and techniques, we know it’ll help you bring out your own uniqueness ;)