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$24.99 $11.99

Immerse in your inner boho with our mandala-inspired design. When you’re using our Indian Flower iPhone case, you’ll be attracting #goodvibes only.


$24.99 $11.99

Life the tropical life to the fullest with our Surf Bike iPhone case whilst you’re cruising around the island, otherwise how else will people know you’re a beach bum?  


$24.99 $11.99

This design features the majestic Barong print, the King of the spirits and the symbol of good fortune. #funfact: the power of the Barong is thought to reside within frangipani flowers.


$24.99 $11.99

Be two versions of yourself: live by the sun, feel by the moon ;)


$24.99 $11.99

Our Wooden iPhone case in Rosewood is equal parts elegant and sleek.


$24.99 $11.99

I’m sure you’ve seen the woodblock print this iPhone case design is inspired by. If not, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: it’s called The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai. Now, go show it...


$24.99 $11.99

You got Bali in your mind? Us too! Well we actually live here so we’re lucky enough in that way, but if you’d like a constant reminder of our pretty lil island, look no further!...


$24.99 $11.99

If only the standard world map is as stunning as our Graphic Map iPhone case design, unfortunately it is not. Additionally, next time your wifi is down, try and see how many countries you can...


$24.99 $11.99

If you need any help ordering local food when you’re in Bali, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Just show them this iPhone case and you’re good to go, You’re welcome.  


$24.99 $11.99

Do you misplace your phone often? Use our Elephant design iPhone case, after all an Elephant never forgets right? P.S: may not be scientifically proven ;) 

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